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A continuation of Chapter 1, only because I had to break it down! Read More
John Gage goes on a date, and as usual, it is a complete disaster. This time, though, it isn't his fault! An "Emergency!," "M*A*S*H," "Adam-12," and "Dragnet" crossover. Read More
This is a short story of an actual 911 rescue call...invovling ducks... Read More
The year is 1933. 5000 leather workers had just gone on strike. Many suspicious fires were erupting, and business was not so good for the leather trade and the powers that be. A murder would take place and a fire was used to cover it up, or was it. Many… Read More
Ode to Florian von Lorch, aka St. Florian, the patron saint of firefighter. Read More
A firefighters poem. Read More

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A tribute to a fallen firefighter, a friend, and good jake... Read More
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