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Scourge comes back from the dead and wants to destroy the clan cats... Read More
Frie is the words badest and goodest girl in the world... one day that all stanges Read More
Jayfeather looks in Naruto's mind over and over to find out what his hinging from them gaara meets tigerheart at a gathering kakashi talks to firestar sakure learns the cats way of healing sai will learn how to fight like a cat... Dovepaw and Ivypaw be come warriors and lionblaze… Read More

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A writing project, I wanted to know what I could do with a certain subject.. So I just chose Firestar dreaming of his past. It showed him as a sweet little kit and finished with him as the brave leader of Thunderclan. Oh how I love you Firestar :) Read More
This is a goofy story I did for my friends on Warriorcats forums. (I love you guys) and well.. I like how it turned out- so I'm going to post it here. You'll probably love the end :) Read More
Long ago in a forest, away from the prying eyes of humans, four clans of cats lived together in peace and war. ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan and RiverClan… For many moons after the clans moved from their forest to the lake beyond the mountains, they lived normally, until one disaster struck.… Read More
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