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February 08, 2018

Aiden is a cursed prince, robbed of his voice at an early age. Blue is a talking, telepathic fish. The two share an unbreakable bond. When Blue expresses the desire to become human, Aiden sets off on a quest that his fairly sheltered life did not prepare him for.… Read More
After a traumatic brain injury that renders the main character unconscious. They realize they can still connect with their loved ones. Read More
Explore the lives of a couple who gets turned on by mystery and taking justice into their own hands Read More
This was the first draft for an assigment that I did in my first semester of college, and it is also a smaller piece to a larger story (in the same universe as Black Hands). It's a short piece about finding something to smile about every day, even in the… Read More
I'm writing a Creepypasta to go with my poem 'Vaalmar's Symphony' this has the same name right now, it's very early in development and not very well written at the moment but it'll progress. ENJOY! Read More
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