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Barnaby's first day at his new school was a nervous and fearful experience. Read More
The life of Kali Warren and Kiley Cooper. *Note: This is based on a true story* Read More
Its a teenage drama, of a group who used to be called invincible, how they face problems in their life. A real life saver for those who face the same problems. Read More
It's finally here! Skye's first day at Death For Zombies Academy. There she meets her best friend, Jessie, and her soon-to-be rival, Jack Rainer. Follow Skye and see what enrolling at this high-stakes Academy is really like. Good luck! From my novel, Death For Zombies Academy. Read More

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November 17, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Elizabeths BFF leaves her for the populars. What will happen in this jolly good story? Read to find out! (Note: this is a greek myth of the creation of telling what! Read More
This is the classic story on being a school, job, or the community in general, feeling like the outsider, and hopefully making a friend that will be that friend for the rest of your life. I am pondering making it into a true-true story, adding to it or what… Read More
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