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Yhden ihmisen ensimmäisen persoonan näkökulma siitä kun maailma on tuhoutunut ja epätoivo on läsnä. Jatkuu kun on taas olo kuten viimeksi. Read More
A look into the life of a teenage boy struggling to find himself as the world tries to put him down. Read More
A first-person confession of a Badawai (the desert people of Isomer) pirate. The gender of said pirate is up to the reader. Feel free to provide criticism on the writing. Read More
The second part of the story.I actually like it a bit less, but I think it still is fine. It again is a long fight scene XD Read More
The Farm is a fictional stiry about the strugle two children must endure, to escape from their abusive home life. Ive only written the first half, but would love to get some feed back before i continue. Read More
"The world needs a new Someone. A being that knows all, but still lives and dies with the flesh. But there are too many contenders for the throne. A simple game, to choose my successor?" Armed with little knowledge, a small black box, and her own skill set, Gwyn travels… Read More
An alternative timeline set in a futuristic Earth, where humans shared Earth with two other similar races: Lightwardens and Darkbringers. Though these beings were vastly different in their ways, they banded their powers together to start building a better future for everyone. However, as a dark warning is passed by… Read More
Alice, in a first person point of view, tells about her complicated past. This includes how life was for her and her twin sister Shinda, and how drastically their lives changed when they learned of their shadow entity powers. Alice also tells of how she acquired her Reaper powers. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I never planned to kill my wife. You most certainly will think I am a disgusting old man, but I also believe, in the end, you will also understand. All we can ask for in this life is understanding. Read More
A break-up poem that can possibly have other meaning. Read More
Diva, Disfunctional Internal Virus Aggressor. The one and only one virus that even the 'Anti-Virus' can't stop. It has the power to control the computer by the will of the virus. It can opens or closes everything the virus would like to. What is the purpose of Diva? And who… Read More

Short Story / Horror

July 02, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

It's happen to be a normal day for Frey Sieghart. A boy living alone at one room apartment, and also a hikikomori (NEET : someone who only sit in front of computer or someone who never going out from his/her home). But one day he decided to go outside and… Read More
I went on a date with a beautiful sociopath, drank margaritas made of mouthwash, woke up in the dungeon cell of an abandoned asylum and all I got was this lousy story. Read More
Bottom of the ninth. Bases are loaded. Two outs, two strikes and three balls. The last pitch determines everything. Read More
A man, who knows everything about you, fools your family into believing that he is you. What will happen to you as you seek out the truth? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Don't really understand where my life is going, it's som complicated and he isn't making it any better. It's getting harder to ignore the voices, to ignore him. I shouldn't be here I just shouldn't and yet he brought me here, he's keeping me here. It's all his fault. Yes… Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 05, 2014

Immortality has its ups and downs, I guess I can't complain. But I didn't ask for this, I didn't want to watch my family grow old and die. I wanted to have a family of my own, kids to scold and love, a wife. Why me? I didn't ask for… Read More
This is something we did in class, called "note passing," where everyone would start their own story; subject topic was the 1930's Dust Bowl, and what life was like. (narrative, letter, mostly first person) From there we would pass it to another person, then another- after 5 minutes or so-… Read More

Book / Other

February 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A woman wanders around her dark basement flat, eating an odd, sticky spread from old peanut butter jars, knowing that there's something strange going on, but not quite remembering what. She gets the Spread delivered to her by a little old man who won't talk to her, and to make… Read More
Something I wrote whilst listening to Ludo's 'Morning in may', it's a short story told from the point of view of a guy who's girlfriend killed herself, and how he wishes that he could've done something or at least died with her. TW: Suicide. Read More
I'm trapped, I'm all alone and he's coming for me!! Read More

Book / Young Adult

December 04, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Kellan is your normal girl until a series of supernatural events uproots her life. Her family's past is key to figuring out why these misfortunes take place. From ominous warnings to full blown attacks from the other side, Kellan faces traumatic experiences that no one could face alone. Instinct takes… Read More
An introduction. 25/10/2013 CLOTHING. Tassle loafers, red and white striped socks, black denim, button down shirt and flat navy woven tie, 70's BORG fur trench coat. Read More
A young man is forced to confront an old mistake when he falls through a mysterious hole in the ground. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After a string of freak incidents at school, young Eli Spade wakes up to find he is completely alone.Set 50 years into the future, our young hero must work with an unlikely group of friends to find his way back home- and possibly save an alien race in the process. Read More

Book / Poetry

August 05, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Another contest upload for silver84 Read More
The narrator suffers Borderline Personality Disorder. Unable to control his overwhelming emotions, He ends up harming those dearest to his heart. He goes through an emotional journey of struggle, confusion, rage, love, fear and regret. ** Includes descriptions of near suicide attempt, self-cutting, and 2 homicidal acts NOT IN DETAIL. Read More
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