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The narrator likes listening to his friend's stories until one day, the stories start to change, and Nicky starts talking about a dark and terrible secret from a long time ago. Read More
Being a shut in didn't help Lulu at all, especially when her demon of a mother forces her to go to school, where she meets; a pervert that knows all her three sizes, a carbon copy of her brother, and a Japanese delinquent. Fangrills and homophobic teachers didn't help with… Read More
Luke likes to paint, and he may just be slightly insane. Read More
NOTE- This is sort of a prolouge than a yeah :/ Linne stopped, sniffed and watched. The smells of diffrent animals become farmiliar when you live in the forest for 10 years. Linne watched the 8-year-old girl at her park. She was crying, but why? Purple ribbons flew into… Read More
This is a story written about myself, battling addiction, in rehab. It is incomplete, I am looking for feedback on my writing style. I know there are many spelling and grammatical errors. I am working on editing it and adding some finishing touches. It is an inside view of my… Read More
I had to write a paper for a class I was taking and we had to choose a feeling to and describe it and give details to fill it out and make somewhat of a small story about the feeling. I choose depressed. This is my first story on here… Read More
I'm 16 years old, and I'm living on the streets all by myself in Jewels, California. In the first part I tell you what happened to me. Read More
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