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100-word story based on the cover Read More
100-word fantasy story based on the cover picture. ____________________________________________ Read More
100-word flash fiction based on the cover picture. _________________________________________ Read More

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A young woman finds herself going from the frying pan into the fire when her date takes her to a run-down dirty side street instead of the movie. Read More

Tags: drama, crime, flash

God gives Dabrowski a chance to redeem mankind. Read More

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Testing a form of poetry, shorter than I’d like, but hopefully it entertains for a moment. Read More
The simplicity of human existence, explained in moments, instances, and flashes of clarity. Read More
Summer turns to autumn, there is still much work to do. Secrets are spilling up from the earth, the spirits are restless. Read More

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A true story of revenge - or - don't make fun of your mama's biscuits. Read More
You can destroy the evidence but you cannot alter history. Read More
Buried truths have a way of coming back to the surface. Read More

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A flash fiction within hell as a short obscured story. Read More

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This is about that time you woke up from a lucid dream, but you could have swore it was real. Read More

Featured Review by SimonClemens

"Punchy and tightly focused as all short stories should be." Read More

My entry is content based on my true non-fiction life story-line, staged in this mysterious timeless photo, a fictional vision challenge accepted! Read More

Featured Review by M.T.Higgins

"Very imaginative.. you clearly studied that picture better than most.. you have the beginning of a novel there! I hit the 'Liked' button.. ..." Read More

Started on February 4, 2020 for the Booksie 2020 Flash Fiction Writing Contest (500 word limit). Restarted, completed and submitted to the contest on May 7, 2020. Based on a public domain photograph provided by the contest. The photograph the story is based on has been included as the story's… Read More
A story I enjoyed making. I had the original reviewed to improve it, (still isn’t perfect) so here is V2. Circus themed with a meaning underneath; created with memories twisted to form words... Read More
our narrator is having a tough time on dates. read and fine out why Read More

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an encounter in a train station. Read More

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The Heir and the Spare is a flash fiction piece about a wealthy Parisian who has been fatally shot. His inheritance will then transfer to his brother and sister-in-law, which creates further problems within the family. Read More

Short Story / Flash Fiction

December 25, 2019

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It started with so much hidden potential. . . Read More
Meet Black Hat. What exactly is he doing, and is the crowd even paying attention? Read More
Enter the world of a young boy in his grandmother's back yard. Read More

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A man is gifted with immortality and realizes that with fulfillment of his wish he is cursed to find his love and lose her through the ages. Read More

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