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A young woman goes back to the theater she went to as a teen age drama student to investigate crime Read More
(Former) Criminal Investigator Dexter sure had quite the exciting first week on the job. Read More

Short Story / Other

April 30, 2020

One recalls their life experience of being a fighter, of sorts. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Told through a series of flashbacks, “Symphony of Perdition” explores the emotional journey of Sam, a poor and down-to-earth farmer, who attempts to save his wife from her depression. Along the way, he will have to confront her intrusive father, someone who will stop at nothing to end the suffering… Read More
In this web-only Bloodless flashback, we go back to the Fall of 2015, when Oliver meets Sheffield for the first time. Read More
It's about Ken Sanders. His short story before he met Johnny and Castello's.. Read More
The fifteen year-old Marian is calling Marian the adult. So, how was their confrontation?! Read More
This was a piece I made trying to use a different writing style. It is narrated by the main character yet jumps between present and past as if we were watching him tell himself a story of how he gained and lost his first love. Read More
A flashback of an old man, the flashback which suddenly flashes in front of him when he gets slapped by his own son. Read More
we have all experienced that moment you ask yourself, was it really me who did all that. surprised with what love really does and pushes us to done things we cant not even imagine we would do. Such is love. Read More

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October 24, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A very short one act play (1500 words) about life, death, and loss. Read More
Another short story without and ending. A tale of love thought to be forever lost in the year 2246 after the end of a great war that nearly destroyed humanity. We follow the tales of Ayla Noel and her love Arashi Takasu(name(s) subjected to change) as they both search for… Read More
A man at the park draws attention to himself, since he does not have any children, and appears to be watching them, while experiencing a flash back from his past. Read More
Flash backs can bring bad and good memories back, unless you're stuck reliving that bad flash back almost everyday of yor life, thinking it is actually happening again. In this tale, a girl remembers being stuck in a abandoned building by someone she thought she could trust, but overall of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story written because I felt the need to write something one night. It told as a memory of a retired cop from LA. Read More
A reflection on a tragic event in the past, "Silent Screams" describes how the main character is dealing with her grief. She is beginning to realize that this grief can sometimes cross the line of insanity and poison her mind forever. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

18 year old Mica hated Tristan's fathers pact for the attack they did on her pact 3 years ago, ending as a tragety for the pact killing her parents, but when Tristan tried to tell Mica that he had nothing to do with the attack and didnt even know about… Read More
A short story about a young man and his final hours. Author's notes: Oh man, this piece was incredibly fun to write. I initially wrote it for a lit project, but I chopped all of it except for the beginning because it sucked ass. This eventually became a piece written… Read More

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September 14, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story of two lives..... both brought up in loving people ..but some dont realise its value ... by this story I hope to explain to you the facts of life and the lessons of greed and jealousy . Read on to find out how does life takes… Read More
To start I want to explain to you, the reader, that this is part of a Manga that my friends and I wrote during high school. It is currently in its final stages and I want to know what everyone thinks about some of it. I am open to any… Read More

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July 15, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Living your life without your other half is not good. Joshtel feels this way, and know he'll be traveling in this world trying to find her. The thing is that he wonders if she feels like him... if she loves him... Read More
A young woman preparing for her date is caught off guard by a disturbing memory of friendship. Read More
James returns to his flat alone having secured the outstanding rent money from his errant flatmate, Gag. Whilst settling down for the night, he finds a photo that invokes some hurtful memories.... Read More
hope you like it, it is rather long but it's the product of hard labour. Read More
Embarrassing events that occur behind the scenes of a high school party. Read More
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