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May 29, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Amanda Scarfield has a crush on her Art teacher, but she's not the only one pursing the attractive man. Amanda's new friend, Heather Drysdale is known for her flirtatious,promiscuous behavior and claims she can tame the Art teacher's heart and make him fall in love with her. The battle for… Read More
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A normal everyday teenager Tiffany wins the chance to go to an exciting camp for teenagers that is known for the thrilling & exciting games and challenges that are held there. Join Ella as she embarks on a journey and tries to differentiate between love, friendships and lust. Its exciting,… Read More
Spring is 3 weeks late here. memories hark back to'47 when it snowed here in the west of Ireland until April.That winter is spoken about still.It is feared as much as the Famine The latin title is to suggest - dressing up or as ''adornment'' of Spring. Read More
An English assignment to tell a story about being in the hospital Read More
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