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A man is convinced that his lack of success with women is due to his job. Read More

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January 08, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is a dark poem about an individual who has been hurt and is dying surrounded by their blood, hence the title, pool of blood. This person talks about their last moments of life before they go 'up' or 'down' please tell me what you think! If you like… Read More
A vicious murderer is prowling New York City, and Audrey Holtz is the only one who can stop him. When a violinist and a journalist are found dead, Doctor Holtz finds herself being stalked by their killer. Will she survive long enough to solve the case? Read More
So this is a piece I wrote for my boyfriend for his forensics act. It's an interior monologue (or an attempt at one) showing Rick's thought process as he lives through Just getting started. This is my first time writing a monologue like this so any kind of feed back… Read More
Gregory Scott had the good life. The awesome car, the bags of money just waiting to be spent.And, oh, a job as one of the most famous con men in New York City. When Gregory is inevitably tracked down, all hope seemed lost. Now his only hope lies in a… Read More
This article will present facts about the current trend away from using the death penalty sentence, and will offer the alternative solution of life sentences for crimes instead of execution. Read More
The Ridges Asylum has had it's fair share of gruesome murders and criminally insane patients, but one refuses to be forgotten. Jessica Knox is a tormented girl, who is forced by court to spend the necessary amount of time at this facility. Along the way she encounters 'hands on' students,… Read More
In the small town of Franklin Connecticut, horror arises, beginning on Halloween night, when Lydia Monterey, a local teenager, dies on Halloween night at a party. But it's not your average death, isn't that right? Dean Johnson has an evil secret lurking in his home and his blood, and Charlie… Read More
Forensic anthropologist Katelyn Amos doesn't know what she's in store for when she and FBI partner Ryan Carr step on the trail of a murderous, decapitating serial killer...who's out for blood. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For XxEmoHeartxX’s The Darker Side of You Challenge When Melanie is called to a shocking crime scene she vows to find whatever evidence she can to put away the monster that could do such a thing. As she examines the body and uncovers more of the horror the unknown girl… Read More
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