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This is a quick how-to article on erotic writing in novels. Read More

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Short Story / Romance

May 14, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

The tittle definitely needs work still i think but anyways..So this is a story, or I guess some would call it a scene, that I have been working on. Its a D/s style relationship. let me know what you think, and if I should keep going with it. And what… Read More
Series of Love/Erotica poems; erotica tales from a woman's husband whose spirit comes back to make love to her. Poems on different expressions of love. My personal sexcapades and love stories from my personal encounters with my husband. Also includes an explicit real life sexual encounter between my husband and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An intimate excerpt Read More
Be "The Other Woman" in Your Man's Life is a deliciously-naughty but surprisingly wise little tome. This essential manual covers a host of topics, ranging from the timeless power of spontaneous flirtation to romantic dates to blush-inducing sexual techniques in the bedroom (or anywhere else you fancy). Read More
I will finish this one too i promise! D: Read More
taken from my book, "Trying To Learn About My Madness" Read More
This is about a young girl with a troubled past. Read and see how her past finds her, and if it damages anything of her new life. Read More
Remember that novel I wrote last summer? Well, i decided to bring it back with a cool little twist...*I DID NOT STEAL THIS FROM SMILEY MONKEY LUVER THAT IS MY OTHER ACCOUNT* Any ways...I'm hoping that by posting this again it will get my old readers reading again and new… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The hustle and bustle of our daily lifes takes its toll! Read More
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