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Never planed to publish it,but here it is Read More
The continuation of Charlie and Emma. Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them… Read More
this is something I wrote about a year ago that I've been meaning to put up. This is the orginal version so its not very good, but this is my story of fourteen. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 14, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Chaweeka's back! In the second book of the Chaweeka series, Chaweeka's life continues on, except it's just a little more... interesting. There's a new baby, Chance, in the house, and Windemere is noticeably absent from Chaweeka's life. And everyone's favorite deacon is back, and he's got a son. Ooh, spicy... Read More
Hallie has always been that quiet girl in the back of the classroom.When Hallie turns 14 she decides to reinvent herself. She creates a list of 10 things Read More

Short Story / Thrillers

January 31, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Maria Connors went bad at 14 and no one including her boyfriend knows why. She has left a trail of mess behind her; she kills people who get in her way. She has a heart but is that enough to save her from what is really tearing her up inside… Read More
Parental Guidance is suggested for children younger the 8. This is inspired by the book Unicorns Of Balionor. The picture is a picture of that book have fun with my book! It is my unicorns of balonor! Read More
Mendacity, deception, lies. When the world is nothing like it seems. When you're the only one who doesn't know that. Read More
Sometimes when life it's self takes unexpected turns you can never expect things to get anymore worse then what they arlready have done. But yet in the life it's self their are always ways out but not everytime... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

a poem about being a teenager Read More

Tags: pain, fears, fourteen

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The Booksie Classic House

Fourteen year old Molly was always a day dreamer, but her dreams came true when she met mysterious Tray. Life couldn't be sweeter for her first love. Or could it? [READ PLEASE!] Read More
When you can't face your crush. Tribute to the eldest brother of the five. Read More
I am not writing the rest of my story on here for copywriting issues, but I will put exceprts, like this one. To let you understand what is going on, I guess I may as well tell you what has happened. Myrrh (Ash) Mauvais' sister died, leaving her alone and… Read More
On the night of Radley Johnson's thirteenth birthday, Rad has a sleepover with her best friend Sam and they make a list of things to do before they are fourteen years old. During this story we follow them while they complete their list. Read More
Just how i felt along time ago. I was just so confused I don't really know.. Soemtimes its hard to choose between love and being hurt Read More
Finally, Lia had reached her breaking point. She pulled her arm out of Alyssa’s grasp and wheeled around, “Why didn’t you tell me?” she demanded, her face was twisted with anger but her eyes revealed her hurt, “All those didn’t tell me anything...” Read More
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