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This story takes place shortly after Artemis Fowl: The Unpredictable Future as a continuation. Artemis will have to make daring decisions that could affect the lives of millions, Fairy and Human alike. Read More

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So when i was about 14 or 15, i found a fan fiction of Artemis Fowl that i admired. I however, altered the story to fit my writing style (With permission of the original author of the fanfic). It is posted on here titled Artemis Fowl: The Predictable Future… Read More
This is a short-story revolving around three main characters; the Doctor, his pet robot, and a villain who tries to take over his lab (and eventually the world). I originally wrote this story as a series of small chapters in July 2004 when I was ten and distributed said content… Read More
A bit of a wierd poem in the style of the Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. Read More

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The pride of a boy, the great Artemis Fowl II,and the willpower of a girl, El Grace, and how they achieved the thing they both have looked for their whole lives. The ending in Last guardian NEVER happened! Read More

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two friends go to the frozen pond .. there might be geese there tonignt it had begun to snow Read More
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