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This is a Fanfic for The Hunger Games, written from the POV of the District 11 tribute, Rue. Have you ever wondered what life was like for poor, innocent Rue before she was chosen to compete in the Annual 74th The Hunger Games? Or how she coped in the arena… Read More
FoxFace is down to the final four in the Hunger Games, much to her surprise. She gets to thinking while she Watches Peeta picking the NightLock barrie's. She can't win the games. So She'll take her own way out. I do not own the Hunger Games or any of the… Read More
The story of Foxface before she was chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. For audrey911's Hunger Games Backstory Contest. Read More
Information on the actors who I think shound play the characters in the Hunger Games movie. Read More
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