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Celeste knew when she married Peter what happened on a full moon. Now that others of his kind have come to call, will she be taken away from the very one she loves. This is a paranormal twist on the nursery rhyme called Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-Eater. Read More

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They always made sure to tell me I wasn’t perfect. Maybe they whispered it to me while I was sleeping, or communicated it with there dry, loveless gazes. No matter how they told me it was always clear: You are flawed... Read More
i had to do this for a school thing and i still dont know what grade i got. oh well its a re-write of little red riding hood in it red is a hardout gang girl thats all i can say Read More
Okay, this is my version of a "Fractured Fairy Tale", written under my other nome de plume, Abby Normal. Read More
Written under another Nome de Plume, Abby Normal, this fairy tale is my/her own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is the Fairy Goth Mother's version, enjoy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bullwinkle J. Moose of Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Read More
A lot of people underestimate the strength of a woman and what she can do under extreme circumstances. We hear stories of men and women who have done great things, who have lived through horrible times and emerged out the other side, but we hear more about men than women.… Read More
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