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if you pick up something what do you do? Read More
This has nothing to do with an ocean or a wave, that is all. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Catriona. The Irish form of Catherine. Meaning pure and clean in Greek. But this is anything but what 15 year old Catriona is. For one, she isn't Irish, she's American. Also, she isn't pure at all. She's does everything you wouldn't want her to do. Peircings almost everywhere on her… Read More
This is episode #2 of my series, "Deep Thoughts" Please read and comment:P There is a Poem Version of it too. That is Part 2 of this episode:P Enjoy:P Read More
This is about a girl who gets caught up in a bunch of lies. Read More

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This is a great poem that came to me one lonely and sad day. I hope you like it. Enjoy! Read More

Tags: love, hurts, freaking

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The Booksie Classic House

My poem, The Truth Hurts is about what happened to my best friend. She backstabbed me by going out with a boy she didn't even want. He was the guy I wanted. I feel that poetry is the only way to let out my feelings. Poetry gives me a to… Read More

Tags: love, hurts, freaking

There About 10 Things That Are Seriously Wrong With Me: 10. I tend to care too much about other people's feelings 9. Which usally ends up screwing up my life 8. I eat Haagen-daz icecream almost religiously 7. I live in the small town of Aldershot, Maine where the most… Read More
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