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Ready and prepared. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, free, king, road, way

Poem / Romance

October 28, 2020

Just a poem to show that even though I have done bad stuff I still appreciate the love i've been shown Read More

Tags: love, faith, free

Poem / Song Lyrics

August 03, 2020

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A song to our little birdie friends Read More

Tags: free, poem, bird, country, fly

Featured Review by Sharief Hendricks

"Ah a beautiful piece of imagery and descriptive work Penetentman... "Give them dust for mail"...was my favourite line... Loved it ! " Read More

This collection of poems presents a unique perspective on enduring themes--love, existentialism, the darker side of life in an urban environment, loneliness, quiet heroism and the transcendent power of poetry to rebuild weary souls and teach lessons we may not want to learn. Although several of the poems in this… Read More
This poem is dedicated to one of my closest friends, who has always been there for me. Enjoy! X Read More
Do you keep trying to be good only to make the same mistakes? Are you trying to please God but feel like all you do is the same old things you try not to do? Well, YOU alone can't change or do good... Read More

Tags: free, freedom, sin, trying, good

It's not often that you find someone giving love away. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, free, true, openly, queue

Poem / Poetry

February 09, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

What we have each time we meet. Read More

Tags: free, heart

I'm coming straight out with it: ''Do you love me?'' My poem. Read More
Being set free from ourselves, sin and the control of others is the key to living a fulfilled life. Read More

Poem / Poetry

January 22, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

When your past weighs you down. Read More

Tags: hope, free, tired, try

I am not afraid of the loneliness when I was born alone. And you threaten me that you will leave and when you think that you'll see me cry. I won't give you this pleasure. I think that I am better off without you. They sat that times heals everything.… Read More

Tags: free

Hey, guys, it's me, your crazy 14-year-old writer known as KBG1230!!! I have come up with/prepared another contest for you guys! This contest is a short story contest in which you write something inspirational...-> Read More

Poem / Romance

June 22, 2019

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Poem / Poetry

May 01, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

My first freeverse poem. About my grandfather and the legacy he left after his passing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I believe true happiness is out of the flash; knowing one's soul is right. Read More

Tags: free, happy, beautiful

You can live a good life if you abide by the law. My poem. Read More

Tags: love, free, hurt, fear, law

THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT THE SOUTH. A unique southern story about land, love, lust and laws. Bristow grew up in a mixed-race family decades before the Civil War in Berkeley County, South Carolina, his family owned acres of land. He was taught at an… Read More

Tags: free, blacks

Letting go from a place of love. Read More

Tags: love, free, freedom, break, up

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The Booksie Classic House

A short poem about a seed growing into a tree Read More

Tags: free, poem, tree, leaf, seed

A boy and a girl fall in love deeply but suddenly after long time boy said he won't continue this and he broke that relationship. Read More

Tags: free, break

Poem / True Confessions

December 06, 2018

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