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The accident destroyed Perdita ‘Purdy’ Carwyn’s body, family and mind. In a struggle to make sense of a world that she no longer knows or understands, Purdy spends her days hoping to find a connection to a life lost. When she finds a mysterious book, it leads to a very… Read More
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All things that were meant to be secrets come to light as Cara finds herself intertwined with people she never would have before. Read More
This story is the introduction to the sequel story The Meeting. Mara Babic had secretly moved her three children to Thornhill to escape the wrath of her abusive alcoholic husband. Once settled in Thornhill they end up living next door to the Carmichael's where Mara's youngest daughter 7-year-old Marina, a… Read More
TBD Note: First draft at the moment. Will be working on editing a.s.a.p. Read More
After writing a letter to God, Katarina finds herself in the presence of her Guardian Angel who decides to guide her through the holidays. Read More
After figuring out that her relationship was a sham, Trislyn goes back home and finds out what she had been missing all along. Read More
Indira Heavenshaw grew up to believe that she doesn't belong anywhere and that no one cares for her, leaving her to come to the conclusion that she needs to be put into care home for the mentally insane, until one night, the stories she heard her father tell her while… Read More
Olivia Tamsin is living life on the fence between her Heathen and Christian friends, not knowing if she can live life either way, until one person changes her ways of living. Read More
Jared has been kicked out of another school in a seemingly countless row and his new one doesn't seem any better than all the others he's been to. But probably due to an unexpectedly good mood in the first few days and weeks, he makes friends, falls in love with… Read More
An originated story by me a little soapy, Lifetime, or Tyler Perry type storytelling but not all the way Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Do you feel everything is on a downward spiral? Is your world crumbling around you? Do you find yourself in friendships, relationships, or situations where you are anxious? If so, I can guarantee you have removed love and settled for fear. Maybe you have done this unknowingly. It’s time to… Read More
Of course! I've learned quite a lot. My poem. Read More
Written in 1980, before cellphones & PCs. Changed a few words to include that technology. Read More
Chad struggles to keep hold of Maggie when the influence of new religioius friends threatens to tear them apart. Read More
Lolita and Riya had joined in the same college and there they got a friend known as Deepak; he is likewise from the same school, but not in touch during school days because Deepak is having a twin sister that all the three hates. But somehow Deepak ended up pursuing... Read More

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I usually hear people talking about how to overcome when relationships fail. But how often do we speak about, how will we feel, or how to overcome when the loved ones leave while being our loved ones and the most cherished ones. Puzzling? While the best childhood... Read More

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Unable to find her heart in all her worldly travels, Morrigan returns to find closure, only to find herself haunted by the dead and a young girl who just might hold the key to her salvation. Read More
Ivan and June is the story of two lonely people sharing an office. Despite having nothing in common, they somehow form a bond, helping each other through numerous emotional obstacles, one being Ivan's inability to attract women because of his coarseness and violent past (he's a former mercenary). How this… Read More

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January 27, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story which considers the attitudes of two long-term friends to homelessness when one is self obsessed and the other is more socially conscious. Read More
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