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War makes strange and sometimes peculiar, but always extraordinary, friendships. War brings commonality and camaraderie, when all else that surrounds you speaks of the finality of life, and of the irrevocability of each action and each battle. War awakens an awareness and a personal understanding within the heart and mind.… Read More
Amelia Winchester must correct her wrongs with the people who cared for her the most after a misconception of her death is widely known. Read More
Lolita and Riya had joined in the same college and there they got a friend known as Deepak; he is likewise from the same school, but not in touch during school days because Deepak is having a twin sister that all the three hates. But somehow Deepak ended up pursuing... Read More

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I usually hear people talking about how to overcome when relationships fail. But how often do we speak about, how will we feel, or how to overcome when the loved ones leave while being our loved ones and the most cherished ones. Puzzling? While the best childhood... Read More

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Unsure what to put here because it's a new story and I'm still unsure where it's going to go. Read More
Unable to find her heart in all her worldly travels, Morrigan returns to find closure, only to find herself haunted by the dead and a young girl who just might hold the key to her salvation. Read More
Ivan and June is the story of two lonely people sharing an office. Despite having nothing in common, they somehow form a bond, helping each other through numerous emotional obstacles, one being Ivan's inability to attract women because of his coarseness and violent past (he's a former mercenary). How this… Read More
A short story which considers the attitudes of two long-term friends to homelessness when one is self obsessed and the other is more socially conscious. Read More
When "romance" needs a life-jacket, maybe it isn't meant to be! For some people, romance is to be avoided at all costs: 1) to avoid being hurt. 2) it's simply not worth the effort. 3) who could possibly fall in love with them anyway? If questioned, Fern Mortimer would tick… Read More
"How lucky I am to have had something, that makes saying goodbye so hard"-Winnie the Pooh Read More
Day out at the STI clinic is a story from my collection Down With Frogs. About the frogs that you have to kiss on the way to your prince (or princess) Read More
Does our friends really our friends for the sake of friendships or are there conditions that need to be met for them to be so? In that case, let’s name some of those conditions. Read More

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February 11, 2019

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They way I see someone Read More

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Why ara you so afraid to lose someone ? Here I want to talk that girls who are in relationship. Read More

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For one the best teachers I have ever had, and best ever at middle school! Read More
Title of this poem is he want to forget everything. In this I covered how a girl stop to her love when he want to finish everything. Read More

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January 11, 2019

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A poetic look at friendships lost. Read More
Welcome though... I hope you will read this story till end with a little bit of interest. In this I want to tell how did start friendship between a girl and a boy and how did break it. There will be love, anger, steamy scenes, hate and more. So I… Read More
Over the Years i have been through a lot in my life that has made me grow and mature by the age of 18 where as Most would be living it up and partying. Due to Health issues it made me see the world in a different light a very… Read More

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The fire burns until nothing remains Read More

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