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Story stories that explores a region of space called Io and the surrounding area with different out comes. Read More
united federation of earth ship encounter three massive dreadnought class biological ships and it is life and death as they try to defeat this new threat. Read More

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read to find out what happens Read More
A short story of Business, Revenge, and Gunfights, also Drunkedness!!! Read More
For over 300 years Spain has claimed Gibraltar back from the British Government. At every opportunity and at all costs, the Spanish Government has tried their luck in getting their hands on the Rock of Gibraltar. In previous referendums Gibraltarians have unequivocally said ‘NO’ to Gibraltar being handed over to… Read More
A researcher from a distant place is sent to study life across the universe; he enters earth's atmosphere in the later 19th century.. Read More
Something is happening... Something that no one can fathom... Everyone in the world is going crazy and killing themselves! Oh no! Hebert's superimposable theories culminate in this work of art Read More
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