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A flashback happens of when Yumi found out the Soma secret. I do not own fruits basket. Tohru comes along Read More
Katsu Yuuya has lived with Ayame Sohma for most of her life. She hates living with him, but what choice does she have? Her mother doesn't seem to care and her father left when she was very little and he still hasn't come back. Katsu wishes she could find someone… Read More

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Fruits Basket fanfiction!! Maybe some spoilers. Some graphic content. A slave girl is sold to Akito Sohma...What happens when the person who is not allowed in sees her? Read More
"If you've read fan-fiction, you've most likely run into a Mary-Sue. You know, that really too perfect girl? Here are a few tips to avoid making that mistake in your own writing; and spot potential Mary-Sues in prospective reading material." -- Taken from my Quizilla account. Read More
Another Fruits Basket fanfic that me and a friend wrote!! Yuki and Kyo get into an arguement. Momiji and Tohru come in after running errands and Momiji knocks Kyo into Yuki. Dis claimer: I own nothing but the plot. Read More
Fruits Basket Fanfiction.A friend and I wrote it about a year ago and I decide to post it now. Anyways Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Haru, Uo, and Hana are getting ready to leave school. The girls go back to get something they forgot. Momiji come and asks Kyo a question then… Read More
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