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My purty noob-ish story. I believe this is the first fan fiction I wrote. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! Read More
Macie is a teenaged girl from a low-income household. She lives with her dad who is always working, and her sister Allison who is Dyslexic and Autistic. Macie carries almost all the responsibilities in the house from buying groceries to taking care of her sister. Upon taking, her sister to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Book one of my Liberty trilogy (work in progress) introduces Libby Brooks, an optometry intern from Northern California. Born into an upper middle class family, Libby is confident and sure of her future until she meets a charming man during her third year at UC Berkeley. She enters into the… Read More
This is about a young boy whom I really care about. He is like a little brother to me. So far, we need help raising money for his transplant and I turned to the writing community here for help. IF YOU CAN HELP: PLEASE EMAIL ME RIGHT AWAY. WE NEED… Read More
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