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Harold goes through a mid life crisis in a utopian city of New York Read More
This is about a group of middle school friends who played ouija board and got fused with the spirits and fought with devil to save both the world. Would they suceed this battle for the balance between two worlds? Plzz read it to know. Read More

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July 06, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a quick poem Read More
The story I submitted when I won the jack London short story writing contest. Read More
My expansion of when Peridot and Garnet tried to fuse from Peridot's perspective. Hope you all read and enjoy, especially you Steven Universe fans! Read More
It's the start of a new F9000 Anti-Gravity racing league and Feisar pilot Daniel Johnson it looks set to be very eventful indeed. Wipeout Fusion, Daniel Johnson, Race Teams, Related Characters, etc © Studio Liverpool/Good Technology Rachel & 'Wipeout Of The Hero' © Melty Cat Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

LyraHydraComa LyraHydraComa is Soma in December a song to Remember Vested Armor to Shield the Pain of Disaray. Musical Fusion Paradox Orthodox or South Paw Muse with a Fuse Adding to the Lexicon Weaving Stitching Penmanship Predaliction. Aiding Subjects with Subjects Subjecting Mythos Harp Song Snake Charmer Armour Dali Lama… Read More
A man and a woman meet at through a photography course... With desire consequences. Read More
Part 2/3 5-Saffron-N-Dakota is a machine that once embodied the traits of humanity, brought out of stasis to fulfill one final mission. Will he succeed? And what will the price of his success be? Read More
A brief explanation on the theoretical probability of a cold fusion reactor. Read More
Set in a post apocalyptic world, where the remaining survivors have rebuilt their cities. These rebuilt cities are called "Saints." However there is nothing holy about these places. They are few and far between, and are ravished by war, poverty, and crime. There is no government, no law, no order.… Read More
Taking time to follow the food trails of sushi and more. Understanding that food have changed over time to adapt to culture and life style. Read More
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