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This story is about a girl, who used to be boy crazy, but now that she's older, she's a wild child. Her parents want to get her married and soon, but she's barely 16. So, they decide to get her at least engaged. And then there's this boy, who's cousin… Read More
Saphire and Odd R always fighting, but Saphire really does like Odd, but he doesn't know that. Odd likes Sissi, Saphire's best friend. Odd doesn't know Saphire and Sissi are best friends. Saphire thinks Odd is going to propose to her, when he's really going to propose to Sissi. What… Read More
Saphire is supposed to be spying on someone, but she soon gets caught. What will happen to her? Will she survive? Or will something she will never forget happen to her? Read More
A girl is in love with a boy, but after something happens to the boy, she is depressed. She then meets a boy who just so happens to look and have the same name as her love. She thinks it as a coincidence. But, the boy starts to have some… Read More
A scary, but not too scary, short story I wrote for my CWC class. Read More
A lovely little poem for the number one in your life. Read More
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