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This story is about a young genin in the world of Naruto. It is about her strugle to find where she belongs and succeed in life. Disclaimer: I do not now, nor have I ever owned the manga or anime of Naruto. This is simply another fanfiction. Read More
An Old friend of the sand siblings come to the Hidden Village of the Sand. Read More
A visitor comes to the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Her past is known to only a select few. Could she be a friend or a foe? Read More
deidara is facing a dragon wanting to kill him for revenge. will it win or will a friend of the dragon stop it? Read More

Tags: fight, revenge, fans, gaara

Princess Sky fells in love with gaara before and after he losess the one-taled skuku Read More
This is a story that my friend wrote so every perverse word belongs to her.Hope you enjoy! Read More

Tags: mate, yaoi, gaara, kiba

another novel is going to be posted by me hope you enjoy it. Read More
Gaara and you have been best friends forever you were Gaara's only friend and the only one that wasn't scared of him you were the only one that told him he wasn't a monster but you told him he is a hero Read More
Jayfeather looks in Naruto's mind over and over to find out what his hinging from them gaara meets tigerheart at a gathering kakashi talks to firestar sakure learns the cats way of healing sai will learn how to fight like a cat... Dovepaw and Ivypaw be come warriors and lionblaze… Read More
i would like to give some credits to my friend snowystorm123 or as i know her in real life ashuwelle because she gave me some ideas for this story ( mostly the funny parts) and i came up with the rest. so b sure to giv thanks to her thank… Read More
flamestar ( smauri ) is now going to fight. >:D Read More
smauri will have to choose between renvege on matsuri or gaara and her clan what will she choose?! Read More
smauri is now hurt and filled with pure fury when matsuri reaveals the secret and will do wat ever she can to kill her Read More
snauri will do all she can to stop matsuri from reavling their secret. i know wat i said but the real smauri is her purepure tobari and plz dont judge if me if i like how she looks Read More
ok! ppl i like matsuri in naruto but im going to make her be really snobby and mean ok guys?! thx!! Read More
Tsukiko has no memories of her mother, but it never really bothered her. She made great friends, and her family is living just fine in the Leaf Village. Though what will happen to her life when the secret of her mother's death? She has to fight with findig her true… Read More
ppl if u want to find the first part of this then type in warrior and ninja: the meet. oh and the picture on the top is how smauri looks but her natrual hair color is hot red. Read More
smauri seems to have finally found her true love but her clan does not want her to keep visting this twoleg so she must choose for who will she stay with her clan or her love Read More
a gaara of the desert one-shot for sophie uchiha, this is what happens when gaara is left to find his crush in a game of hind and seek but will her past events scare her away Read More
song by seal bes Read More

Tags: love, songs, gaara

Shade moves to Suna with her two teammates. She's got no parents of her own. Her father had died when she was young and her mother mysteriously disappeared when she was three. Moving to Suna, she meets the Kazekage and clues about her mother. -Ignore any spelling mistakes Read More
These are what I think the characters look like. And you'll have to forgive me if the names aren't japenesse enough for you and forget anything about chan or sama, cuz I have no idea what they mean. Read More

Tags: demon, gaara, naruto

I never have any summery's for poems :) ...sorry... Read More
I don't actually remember writing this :) Read More
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