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A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead. Read More
People within Starfleet Command are selling secrets and weapons to a third party and it is up to Gabriel and Mystique to find them and who they are selling to, only to encounter two enemies they both do not expect. Read More
The USS Yorktown is called to Tantalus III to settle a civil rights violation on that world and prevent a civil war that will affect the nearby populated systems and it is up to Gabriel Valkyrie and Raven Darkholme. Read More
One of the Yorktown's crew is not who she says she is and when Gabriel Valkyrie is taken prisoner on an unexplored planet, she is the only one who can save him. Read More
After arriving at Ka'Tula to receive and command his first starship Gabriel, Jen and the rest of his crew found out they are in a middle of a civil war between the inhabitants of the planet and Celestial Being. This is the very first mission of the USS Yorktown. Read More
After being surprised that they saw someone that looks like Bean, Ender and Petra would be even more surprised when he shows his true strength and that he goes by the name of Julius Delphiki. In the meantime everyone else is enjoying their relaxation till they receive word that they… Read More
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