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Troy and Gabriella were really close at East High but a night changed everything. Now 4 years later Gabriella is dating other boy. But good times aren't meant to last forever. And in this case Gabriella put her faith on wrong man. Troy and Gabriella are alone and away but… Read More
Just as the sun sets over peaceful Tralee, shadows come out to haunt the streets, and people disappear without a trace... As Abigail & Alice, the Lurcher sisters, work their day shifts at the local bar, the Gypsy Tavern, darkness wonders the streets in search of its next target. Little… Read More
Gabriella (Ella) Massri James has been a rebel soldier all her life in the Crusader Forces of District 17 in a small town of Halayeb, Egypt. At the age of seventeen, she finds herself going to a rehab centre and a school in New York City. She finds it difficult… Read More
Instead of just posting up pictures of people who resembled what I thought the characters looked like.. I tried to choose pictures where the expressions etc, suited their personalities too.. and then I added little bios underneath each one.. so anyway, hopefully understanding the characters a little more will help… Read More
(NEED TO COMPLETE)Gabriella is a fifteen year old who lives in the land of Argon. The land is controlled by a beast, who eats anything in it's path. When the people run out of animals, the people, desperate start feeding their children to the beast in order to be safe… Read More
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