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Gakuren Akiyama, now an Earl in training, Returns to The Leaf village in order to protect the people & his friends from a rising war with the evil Fox spirit- Satsugai Kitsune who has reincarnated for thousands of years. As she nears the human world, he assembles his own army,… Read More
This is the Biography for the characters. their Age, Birth dates, fun facts about them, & even pics! :)) hope you like it :D Read More
"My loving and kind brother- the one I ran to whenever something bad happened, the one who always made me laugh and loved with all my heart......was now the one person I hated the most." Gakuren Akiyama, sets out to the Leaf Village to train for the day he battles… Read More
Gakuren Oak, the prince of creatures called Griffins that live in a world called Extail. He arrives in the ninja world to find his child hood best friend san wolfe but fins out she was killed by Orochimaru. He then stays in the leaf village, training to be a normal… Read More
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