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They glimmer like diamonds Read More
The earth is destroyed. But the destruction of earth is not the end of the living system in the universe... it is just a beginning of a new era of galactic colonies and universal countries. The remaining humans evolved themselves into immortals or demi-immortals, enabling them to live among… Read More

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July 26, 2018

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The very winds whispered in soothing accents, and maternal Nature bade me weep no more. Mary Shelley Read More

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March 20, 2018

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Our time among the stars is critically alarming. Read More
Welcome to my guide to the galaxy, strap in and see what I've discovered during my time on this planet. Read More
In the waste land that was once called Earth, the head general of the defense unit and royal Prince Wyatt of Moon Koleer stumbled upon a containment chamber that held something very exotic and was said to be extinct for a very long time. A human named Karma. Read More
I fell unto a deep sleep and then i saw everything; the past, the present and the future tragedies on earth, me myself& i. I must wake up, help me 'to téras érchetai' Read More

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"They say home is where the heart is. Mine is among the stars, across the universe." The people of Juhsim were made to flee their planet due to a horrible war. After a long time wandering through the Kalfus galaxy they have found a new refuge, the… Read More

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Raja Kuron was an average working man of Mars. He led an fairly uneventful life; until one day his life was turned inside out. Or was it backwards Forwards? Time travel is so confusing. Read More
The battle over Fesno has become known throughout the galaxy as the turning point in the new Force Wars! A year later the teenage Jedi Alex Jackson, Lily, Cody and Shawn return to Luke's Jedi temple to recieve a mission that will be a start of another adventure which will… Read More
This is a story about a prince whose family died in the hands of Vulcar, a power-hungry emperor of the Six-Stars System in the Andromeda Galaxy. Challenges and people he meets prepares him to get back what is rightfully his: his throne as the ruler of the Aurora Constellation. Read More

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A malevolent reptilian race plans to invade Earth. Man's fate hangs on the balance. (This story was longlisted in Science- fiction writing contest in Brilliant Fiction Magazine) Read More
I wrote this, in 2015. It's part of my 4th poem set, Compact Void. Read More
Alright so, i just need opinions if this would have any potential. Read More

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If your time span doubtlessly beneath a day you rise from the love of all, may you shine beyond any gift life may harvest in the entire human history. This is the message of one visitor who give a journey never for another come back in time. The entire lifeline… Read More
Fat knights plus Dragons? Equals fat Dragons Fat Heroes plus tough Villains? Equals comedy show. And two obese hearts put together? Equals cholesterol. Read More
Fat knights might have been Fat heroes would have never fit in But dragons were giants and villains were tougher... Read More
The first book in the epic trilogy that will take you across the galaxy to a far away planet. 500 years after Earth is completely decimated by a Nuclear War between the US and Russia. Humans have began evolution on a different planet far away in the Andromeda galaxy.. But… Read More

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What if future events are already programmed by destiny itself? Maybe our life is already finished if seen from another galaxy... Read More
My understanding of God and the Cosmos in which we live. Read More
A brief story of mankind as a destructive species. I discuss how man is destroying the planet and ultimately the extinction of the human race due to man's destructive nature. Read More
This is a poem I wrote for the late Carl Sagan, a scientist, astronomer and so much more than I have much respect for. He was responsible for many space endeavors and other accomplishments to include the pioneer plaque, Voyager space probe, writing Cosmos and numerous books and essays,… Read More
Humans have made a home for themselves out in the nearest stars. Formed worlds and built society’s away from the ruins of old Earth. Though all is not perfect in the new frontier. Worlds plagued by a blight capable of remoulding organic life. Man took action to safeguard our new… Read More
During Humanities first manned flight to newly discovered Anthera (A planet on the edge of our solar system) the Astronauts are attacked by an unknown alien race and forced to flee. As a result, war breaks out between the humans and the aliens. Another race from the same part of… Read More

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February 23, 2015

A story that twists my life ; not finished Read More

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How I love my husband how out of marriage can come so much pleasure and how we burn one another out, Mostly me burning him out. Read More
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