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Let’s learn about the wind in a didactic poem using scientific definitions via the wind personified as a woman. Thanks for reading! Read More
Plans for the annual ball went awry. Read More

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The story hovers around the protagonist – Gale Storm, who’s forced into a different world. What makes for the interesting part is that Gale was never really someone ‘chosen’. He just happened to be there when the choice was made. The characters from the other world didn’t entirely expect anything… Read More
This story is placed a few hundred years after Mockingjay. It has been hundreds of years after the last uprising happened. No talks about uprising are allowed to be heard in the Capitol. Not in their history books, not in any traces that was left by the former districts. But… Read More
A young man named Gale lives in a town that is ruled by an oppressive clan. He must go on journey where he will learn what it means to truly be strong in strength, and in spirit. Along the way he'll have to fight through many battles in order to… Read More
The Hunger Games tributes and Victors are going to Hogwarts, and this year is a special one; The Triwizard Tournament is being held in Hogwarts. Finnick Odair, Glimmer, and Gloss Krum are this years Champions....Or are they? Read More
The hunger games just Gale goes instead of Peeta. Read More
disclaimer: I do not own the hunger games. what happens when Gale comes back to district twelve twenty nine years after mockingjay? read on and find out. this is the sequal to gale hawthorn, it dosen't matter which order you read them in though. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

disclaimer: I do not own the hunger games, saddly. summery: 29 years after mockingjay, Gale returns to district 12 to visit Katniss. But he hasen't moved on, and Katniss has. Everything is diffrent and it just can't work out. Read More
When things start going wrong for Peeta, he seeks for human company and he finds it in the most unlikly of places! I do not own Peeta, Gale, Haymitch or Katniss. I do not own the Hunger games, this is a piece of fanfiction created in my sick mind. WARNINGS:… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What happens when the ones you love and trust are out to kill you? This story is a retake on a traditional "zombie apocalypse". These "zombies" are smart. Aiden and Gale learn first hand how sudden they strike when each of their parents try to kill them. This puts them… Read More
Gale is way better than Peeta in many ways these as only a few of them. Please enjoy! These are some facts that a friend of mine posted and I enjoyed. (Credit to Fifi!) Read More

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Poem / Song Lyrics

October 07, 2011

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I take no credit in writing this, but found it, and wanted to share it. In the last book of "The Hunger Games" triology, Katniss (the main character) is out in the forest with a little team. She has lost her father a long time ago, and is visiting her… Read More
Ever wonder what went through Gale's mind and what happened in District 12 as Katniss fought to survive in the Hunger Games? This is how I see it... I usually don't write Fanfictions (I'd rather do original works of my own) but I love The Hunger Games so much, I… Read More
“Whoever captures the Mockingjay first wins the Games and the order to kill her. The other tribute will die by the Mockingjay’s hand and personal weapon. A lit arrow,”. Thirty years after Panem's rebellion, President Paylor dissapears mysteriously. Forced to take her place is none other than Gale Hawthorne. When… Read More
I'm pretty sure most of you know a book called 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. This is a story about Katniss' life after the rebellion. DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE ENTIRE TRILOGY! Read More
"Why do it? You know it's wrong." "I know it's not right. That don't make it wrong." Confidence. You either have it or you don't. Maggie Steelwater, definitely does not. She's a simple girl. Gets good grades, never a toe out of line, every adult's dream of a perfect adolescent.… Read More

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This poem was taken from how different the wind can be at times. Read More
Transparent breaths, of the invisible whisperer, reveal themselves as waves, Read More

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Iron Men with Wooden Wings on November 19. © All rights reserved A blustery sandy shore, a dune on a Carolina Beach, Read More
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