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November 15, 2016

Papi's disappearance had the hood buzzing, His wife and daughters believed that he was kidnapped for some ransom. Maria tried her best to maintain the stables but she lost the love of her life literally overnight and started to drink heavily, and the " Man" that Papi was trying to… Read More
Oppressed smart girl that has had enough of the endless fuckery that is happening in her life and karma is taking it's sweet time. It's only an Epilogue. I will add to it chapter by chapter. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young man goes through a violent trauma that makes him question his life and the choices he makes. Read More
Nico, once a smuggler for an Italian Crime Syndicate, recalls a memory in which he's forced into carrying items that came with great rewards, but an ultimate risk. Aided by the Underboss' sister, he must smuggle 4 women into Las Vegas in order for his crime syndicate to achieve more… Read More
A gangsters path to freedom Read More

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This is about gangsters and cops in the 1940's. A must read. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When young Antonio Cabrini sees the local gangsters in his city of Naples he is fascinated. He vowed then that he would be part of their organisation. He would stop at nothing. Read More

Tags: italy, mafia, gangster

Malloy has an assignment. It's supposed to be easy. Maybe his luck will change for the better for once? Read More
Braldt Chelsea begins to doubt his sanity and questions his own reality while on a typical run with his maddening employer. Read More
A poem about the modern gangsters Read More
As the ocean is never full of water, so is the heart never full of love. It is Ocean of Tears. For Chiyo Emika Johnsons, everything was full of sadness and hatred. After her Boyfriend died, She never attend her classes and she's always crying. But one day, He met… Read More
Just a summary of my past years and whats going on in my life now Read More
Gangland boss Tony King controlled most of the North West. When a rival villain gets ideas above his station things could escalate. Will there be all out gang warfare raging across Manchester? Read More
A song about someone telling someone to back off. Read More
How will Arden handle being chummy with a probable hitman and a teacher who's more difficult than he can even imagine? Can he keep himself and his son sane and safe? Or will things turn for the worse as the drama rolls and the butterflies flutter? It goes either way.… Read More
There is a city, a dark dark city, full of sins and tragedy that houses the most twisted and corrupt people. This place is known as "Hellhole" Palms City, a place were the innocent are tainted and were the devil is praised. Chelle is a contracted mercenary trained to obey… Read More
*Warning: Synopsis contains spoilers from the first chapter* Set one year after the state has suffered massive terrorist attacks, our protagonist Evan Rivers finds himself caught up in a club shootout on the wedding night of his cousin, Paige Raimi, and his best friend, Charlie O'Malley. The target - a… Read More
Mafia non-fiction story. Wondering if anyone could give me feedback and would be intrested in me continuing the story. Read More

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January 04, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

A story of a man in a city Read More
A man discovers that life never goes as planned the hard way. In the course of this lesson, he realizes the extent of how much he has to change in order to survive in a world given to him not of his choosing. Read More
John Horace and Bruce Mann are two streetwise detectives that work hard on their hustle, catch the jive turkeys, get the girl, and finally get their lunch in a day's work. In "The Setup" a new drug hits the streets that make people instantly addicted and drives them mad. Bruce… Read More
Terry Cobb is a student after a story, the kind of story that could make his career as a reporter. He follows his nose, and at any cost finds a story that could be his last. Read More
Deep in the Wisconsin woods, a killer waited patiently. On a cold night in 1999, the notorious Donnie Torr went down in a hail of gunfire. The threat to the town was supposedly eliminated. Now, in 2002, local writer James Dorrell has just purchased a leather jacket at the thrift… Read More
this story is about a man's rise to the top of a criminal empire and his his inevitable fall - 1. the book is nowhere nearly finished and i still have alot of information to add to the chapters. i decided the best way for me to fill in the… Read More
Joe 'Joker' Maloni is his name, to lead a life of crime is his aim. Not his game yet, still needs to figure a way to get into the big leagues, wants to run with the likes of Al Capone. Yeah, sure, when he does that, a flock of pigs'll… Read More
Braldt Chelsea has a moment of clarity and plans his escape from the whims of 'Cousin Reginald'. Will it be enough? Read More
The Select Few Men is a series of intense random events that piece themselves together in the last few chapters of the novel. Each chapter deals with a different social issue, such as blindness, gambling, imprisonment, theft and murder. It is indeed a novel of harsh truths, deception, back stabbing… Read More
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