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A narrative piece on an Ithaca establishment Read More
"Kenny's Garage" is a 156 page book offering consumers buying and selling tips. Read More
Keith White is in search for a bass player for his struggling band. Until he discovers that the answer to all his problems lies in his friend Brian Danvers who is more interested in "Math and Science" than "Rock N' Roll". First episode of an ongoing sitcom about friendship, relationships,… Read More
A look into the dazzling and exciting world of auctioning and learn a few things about friendship and greed along the way. Read More
Garage gang finds themselves in the winter nights, hoping for something better. Read More
A tale of American youth trampled by heavy sedated marketers cloaked in sable with out a care to the inevidabilty of death nor existence. A journey through adolecents and what it is to be a young, bumming boozehound with a place to lay your head. A glimpse into my third… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Nightmare started like this... Read More
High Tide Design Group was established by Darryl A. Cobb of Cobb Architects, who over the past ten years has been practicing architectural designs in the Charleston, SC area. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A woman deciding between beauty and death, and the life that led her to this debate. Read More
An essay, explaining Metallica's over-successful career. Read More
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