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My expansion of when Peridot and Garnet tried to fuse from Peridot's perspective. Hope you all read and enjoy, especially you Steven Universe fans! Read More

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The Pirates attack the Kingdom in the middle of the night. Garnet is awoken by a storm but she knows something else is wrong so she checks the horizon. Pirates.... Garnet is the daughter of a very rich Lord. She hates the life that she has to live. She has… Read More
Booksie Competition held by CassandraHarley Number of words: 2000 The Victorian Era happens to be attacked by a crew of Pirates led by Captain Alexander and his right hand man Aaron. They may be pirates but act like gentleman towards the captive lady, Garnet. If people like this I may… Read More
A young witch, seeking to prove herself, practices a summoning ritual to obtain her own spirit guide with some unexpected results. Read More
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