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January 06, 2013

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A Christmas poem. Also part of children of the lake. Garth wishes to see Santa, but the magic is ruined by the mystic lake. Read More
My song about Garth(hince the title) Read More

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It whispered darkly in her head, the mind, forgetting things she should remember and remembering things she should forget. Doctor Carter, the head doctor at the factory her unknown husband Randalph and Garth stole her from, haunts her dreams and drifts always in the corner of the mind. Unless she… Read More
It has been over a year since Sekrite killed Arthfael, and things have changed dramatically. Jovian and his army have changed the Human Realm, and the rebels are striking back. Will Sekrite be able to be true to her friends, and save the realm? Or will Jovian use her for… Read More
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