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James is a boy living in medieval england. a boy who is in big trouble. him and his best friend are together. this is what happens when someone finds out. Also: I don’t think LGBTQ+ is the wrong sort of love. That is what James thinks. I don’t agree with… Read More

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You've returned to Exalis to find it in ruins. Beware! You've come upon the Butcher's lair of blood lust. Enter if you dare. A dark horror fantasy. Read More
This is the work of a greater work. I wasn't satisfied by the beginning because this was free writing. But then I wrote this. Not everything is fictional. The gruesome scar is not fictional. Such things never really completely vanish, I'm afraid. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Lukas admired Kristian, his twin sister's new boyfriend, for his strength and his superb skills in the martial arts arena. One night, Lukas suddenly realized that Kristian was stirring up something inside of him. It was an emotion he had once felt before but one that he had learned to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Erik Locklear was ectastic at just having been accepted to work for the summer at the DuSsble Home and being able to spend his first summer away from his parents in a beautiful town in coastal California in 1994. He was an 18 year old with few major aspirations or… Read More

Tags: love, gay, romance, sex, summer

I'm a Christian, who wants to be a pastor, who also happens to be gay. This was written as a response to my parents, once my mom disowned me over my sexuality. Read More
Abused. Sad. Suicidal. Protector. Those four words best describe Artimeys Corvone. His stepfather abuses him and his mother thinks it's his fault he's like that. But when that monster violates his baby sister, Artimeys snaps. Suicidal, he gets sent to Sunny Days, and, to add to the experience, he lost… Read More
Two friends since childhood, Javiek and Lussac, embark on a journey to find the tomb of a fallen friend. Along the way they are attacked by two savage creatures that toy with them and gravely injure Javiek before escaping into the woods again. Lussac tried everything to save his friend… Read More
It's the 1700s, and an albino boy was born with the most beautiful face and body that everyone could ever hope for. His life is a rollercoaster, from being with his mother, to joining a gang, then to becoming a geisha. Everything in the beginning was going pretty swell, until… Read More
Harry is a very rich and famous singer, yet in his perfect life, there's just the lack of someone to share this success with. He's trying to find him. Read More
Most long-distance runners are in it for the high, but Cullen runs to escape something Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

His name was Dominic Cooper and he was the hottest guy in all of Everett County. Sisters Hailey (19) and Cassandra (20) are dying to date him. In time, they each fail in their quest to conquer his heart and their rivalry grows as their desire for him intensifies. Yet… Read More

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The Abandoned House

Blake Conway finds a very disturbing note from his future self. This is based on a prompt I found and posted. Read More

Tags: gay, suicide, prompt

I tried to be macho when I was young. I was a hard living drinker working on mine sites as an Electrical Designer. And then after my marriage ended I decided to become a Registered Nurse. I looked it and I loved the gays. But, no matter how I tried… Read More

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Shouts echoed off the stone walls of the underground chamber, reducing the individual voices to an indiscernible roar. Petar couldn’t help but be grateful for it as he surveyed the crowd surrounding the cage. As a rule, only the worst came to the fights, each person there scarred and weather-worn,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The key could bring life or take it, it kills and restores and the one who owns it is the one who decides whether its there to aid or to destroy. Hawk didn't know of the gaping hole in the Vail that the rebels tried to stop engulfing the world,… Read More
What is Happiness? Some will say happiness is being able to have everything you want, others will say that happiness can only be achieved by fulfilling your dreams. Heck, even some will say that happiness for them is being able to wake up in the morning alive and healthy. It's… Read More

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Losing a good friend Read More
**MATURE CONTENT WARNING 18+** Vaxx and Eli are secret gay lovers. When they enter the forbidden Jackal witch's forest they find themselves trapped in a time paradox in the clutches of the Jackal and the mysterious Nether-realm Beings from dark netherbane regions. Will they escape alive or succumb to darkness?… Read More

Tags: fantasy, horror, gay, sex, men

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The Boys in the Band House

Written: 08/01/2019 Read More
Guys - it's like Romeo and Juliet - but it's two guys and they're dwarves. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

17 year old Ethan has got something to hide, and he thinks that by changing schools he will be free from all of his problems. But when he meets an eccentric disturbed boy named Colt, he winds up on a roller coaster ride of emotions and soon realizes that he’s… Read More
Mature Content. A friend and I have a long interesting canoe trip. (Cover Photo from Tumblr) Read More
The narrator speaks up about the struggles of coming out surrounded by a disapproving mother. He takes the reader through his realizations and hardships as he discovers his sexual orientation. Read More

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this is the first chapter of robbins story so there will be more and more stories on other characters as well. Read More

Book / Romance

February 20, 2019

The Grotto is a more of an adult based book. This read has mentions of alcohol, drinking, smoking, and some other triggering factors. I recommend you don't read this if you are triggered by these things or read under supervision. This story follows a teen boy, Marco, going through the… Read More

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On the publication of Frédéric Martel's new book, “In the Closet of the Vatican” . Read More

Featured Review by hullabaloo22

"Some things just don't like to be investigated. There's been a few that have trod a too dangerous path." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

alex seems to be a normal teenager living a normal life, yet she holds a secret. a secret nobody yet knows about. until it all changes... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom, there was a prince who had a best friend. In time, the prince became king, and when he did, he made his best friend the grand duke. This story is not about either of them. It's about the grand duke's son who… Read More
When you know something in your heart, but your world might fall apart if others knew. To act or hide away? THAT, is the question. Read More
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