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The line that was crossed opened up the world of two. For one to chase what he desired. And for another to yearn for what the other required. Kai was always regarded as a man of a golden heart. No matter who crossed his path was consistently approached with a… Read More
It's Adam's duty to care for the human passengers in cryogenic sleep aboard the spacecraft. And he does so, routinely, after the passing of his creator. But even he cannot escape the loneliness a thousand years can bring. He would like a companion. [Feedback is appreciated] Read More

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August 07, 2019

To say Adam Rutledge is down in his luck would be a gross understatement. Unemployed, scraping by with his bank account balance always looming near zero, grappling with a severe addiction to alcohol and afflicted with a horrid, touch-starved sense of loneliness, he feels trapped in this hole he can’t… Read More
Karen Fletcher is a young New York woman in her early twenties. When she meets Beth James, a socialite in her mid-thirties, they fall in love with each other at a Lower Manhattan party hosted by Becky Cain, one of the richest people in the city that never sleeps. Read More
Varick Gardell has done things in his life that would lead some to believe he was evil, while others to believe him heroic. After being tossed into prison the criminal must find something else to occupy his time and who better than Lucius Darcell, a curious prison guard. All innocent… Read More
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