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Geisha are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses. Their skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games, and conversation, traditionally to entertain male customers. Geisha hold high social status and are single. Lucy was a successful geisha... Read More
After so long being with a male geisha, the boy suddenly left him only to hide the fact that he was sick and could not be saved. Read More

Tags: romance, sad, yaoi, geisha

A man name Blake wakes up in Tokyo, wounded and unsure as to who he is or why he's there. He is then greeted by a mysterious young girl whose gives him clues about his past but warns him that once he remembers, there will be no turning back. Read More
Very short story about a Sumo wrestler protecting his Geisha. Read More
This is a very short story i just thought of off the top of my head. It is about a young girl who works in a house full of Geisha's doing all their dirty work. Enjoy. Read More

Tags: war, america, japan, geisha

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