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When the fae came down from the moon in the 1930's, they claimed to have been on earth long before humans. They had simply decided to move to other worlds, such as the cold face of the moon, to make room for the humans to have a chance at life.… Read More
When zir Great Uncle returns from the dead and joins forces with a powerful sorceress to destroy zir family, ze must team up with Jefferson, the vampire ze has been actively avoiding, and find a way to save them. There are other developments that raise the stakes and tangle more… Read More

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The 'The Odd Ones' House

Just a short work about my gender identity and the different people I can be whilst still being myself. Read More

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This is from my view point written from my feelings inside my own body. But others have different identity's so don't please don't assume before someone actually tells you. Read More

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