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Our Story so far… ...With the Rookies now drafted to Cells after the recent Final Exam, the Main Protagonists in Pharaoh, Tyler Marrone, Brandon, Sabrina, and Jackie have been assigned to Cell Four, and their First Assignment was to Protect the Emperor of the Western Nations...This Assignment, however was a… Read More
The Story So Far… ...The Rookies and Sophomores are Participating Within the Final Exam, an Exam for Testing the Capabilities of the Children, and Will Advance Two of them to the Next Ranking, and Since It Is Saturday, the Final Exam is Just about Finished... ...On Another Note, Pharaoh, Megan,… Read More
This is the Guidebook for the Statistics for the Anti Magic Ritual Arc. It should be pretty Up to Date for the Most. Read More

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The Final Exam is a Test for Rookies and Sophomores, testing their Survival and Teamwork Skills for the remaining days, and will finish next week. This will allow few to graduate to the next level early, and did I mention the Anti Magic Ritual and Hell's Gates? This just… Read More
"Pharaoh will battle Han in a Match!!!! Jermaine will return for a Challenge!!!!!!!! Evil will even make an Appearance!!!!!!!! Maybe he will....That guy is always demanding large checks to make appearances, and Management is thinking of...Oh, my bad, Um...Where was I...Oh, yes, this is the Later Chapters!!! The Turning Point… Read More
The Datebooks are not dependable for Background Knowledge...Sadly Read More
Evil has hired a Hit Squad on Megan...Yes, the Embodiment of Evil has placed a Hit for Megan. Read More
A chart of Characters, and Extra Information! Read More
The Rookies are sent out for war. Read More
{A Gaiden about Shae Miyazaki.} Read More

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Pharaoh and Megan must cease the Poltergeist that is after a child by the name of Mary, however there is a much greater Power against the children at work. Read More

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A Handbook of Generation One; Characters, Plot, A world view of the world of Generation Read More
A girl named O'Rylee Azkaban has just moved to DeKalb City, and despite the pale skin, there is something else troubling about her; she is the Princess of the Azkaban Vampire Clan. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

{Yevia, the Dominion of Humanity, and the very first creation of God Jehovah and Mother Earth; within a day, containing seventy two hours, God Jehovah and Mother Earth created the land for food, the Sun for light, the Moon for night light, and the Animal Kingdom for companionship for those… Read More
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