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The Booksie Classic House

A man goes into a journey of self discovery, and finds out that he's not who he seems to be. Read More
A man sits alone at a diner patio, reading the news when he's approached by a stranger. He questions the man's intentions while he remains there in silence. ***** This was written under the topic of "blindness" and its symbolic usage in literature. Read More
It's a zombie apocalypse story I started writing out of boredom, but it makes jokes at stereotypes in other ones and I added some random jokes to spice things up. If it's good enough I'll probably finish it. Also the Chapters are gonna be really short and there will be… Read More
Well this is something I wrote like last year, it's nothing special but I like it in all it's nerdy depression that really doesn't exist in my life, but yeah.... Read More
"Taking Chances" connected!! These are two examples of Personal Essay Introductions. These two introductions are examples of a Describtive and a Generic Personal Essay intro. The second one is debatable as its more Describtive than Generic. These introductions were originally planned for my (booksie available) Personal Essay "Taking Chances" -… Read More
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