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The Booksie Classic House

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Tags: loneliness, genius, ai

An unusual story about an exceptional pre-teen with the extraordinary ability to.......well, you'll see. Read More
What some would like to do to some marketer's... Oh the last example is not made up... it truly exists, just search and you will see. Read More

Tags: marketing, genius

A character inspired by Iron Man 25 year old Starlio Stex is the world's youngest billionaire,superhero,businessman and philanthropist all in one,being one of the world's most renowned heroes next to the Strikers themselves. Born in a poor family,Starlio was a prodigy that worked his way into being one of the… Read More

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The Science Fiction House

Tanner Is a frim Anit-Extra Terrestrial believer. How ironic would it be if he was kidnapped by aliens? Read More
14 years after the accident Storm Jackson meets Detective Stanford and they are faced with a brilliant Case. How is the case related to the Era Of God? Even God doesn't know Read More

Short Story / Science Fiction

October 11, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: fantasy, teen, genius

In an overcrowded solar system of 500 Billion people, an escaped prisoner on a stolen transport is burning towards a mysterious comet high above the ecliptic between the asteroid belt and Jupiter. Captain Maximillian Keppler's cruiser is commandeered by an enigmatic SciCorps officer holding secrets that could unlock the next… Read More
Emma's life at school is perfect. 4.0 GPA, Valedictorian, Student Council President, Honor Roll. But her life at home, is far from perfect. Her dad left her when she was little, and her mom sits in front of the TV all day. When offered a chance at and elite boarding… Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 26, 2016

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The Fantasy House

Obscured by Government cover-ups, paid skeptics, selective media coverage and professionals with a jaundice against the fantastic, there lies a fundamental truth that can rock the pillars of humanity and ripple through the very fabric of reality itself. Alex, an introvert with an abnormally high IQ and a voracious appetite… Read More

Article / Commercial Fiction

September 17, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Dr. Yes is an Evil Genius that wants world domination and does anything to get it. His parents were killed when he became an adult and he hopefully one day he will find who is responsible for this matter. He has friend and his second in command that he met… Read More
A coming of age story with the main character Tweek. His life has been calm as a young child up until the fateful day that would change his life forever. Tweek's life events are dramatic and unforgiving. He must learn to adapt to the circumstances presented to him by the… Read More
A poem about Yidhra the Genius (Djinn). Read More
This is the surprising and unexpected comeback of genius detective Oliver Reid who also has some strange abilities to aid his crime solving. Read More
This is the surprising reappearance of the estranged, and once revered Oliver Reid; a quirky, but highly competent ex-detective. Read More
This is the surprising reappearance of the estranged, and once revered Oliver Reid; a quirky, but highly competent ex-detective. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

17 year old Ailee is the least bit thrilled when her mother remarries, but she's forced to deal with her arrogant step-brother who has a secret life of his own that he's trying to conceal. As Ailee slowly begins to fall in with the wrong crowd, her rivalry with her… Read More
In a world where heroes are extinct and honor is dead, a young boy accompanies a wandering knight on a quest to bring back the dead. Rory wants nothing more than to become strong and brave just like Sir Ivan, but the knight who raised him is not the honourable… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Our solar system is troubled. Deeply troubled. "An expanding orb of deadly elements threatens to imminently explode with in the next two centurions. By this time, the human race has perished and decimated for reasons unknown to a new age of species known as Metemps... ....Seeking to preserve their existence,… Read More
Tyler West. Tyler West, Tyler West! Jillian's only problem is Tyler, second place in academics, always second place in atheltic skills, second place, always right behind Tyler West. Not to mention her parents saw him as their second child. Well, we've been friends with 6, and ever since then I've… Read More
It's Amazing! You're on space, bro. Hope you can handle it. Read More
Shedding their morals and succumbing to their vice; in the end they shall know: Everything has its price. Read More

Book / Romance

March 30, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Makenna is a nerd. She doesn't hang out with a lot of people, she doesn't talk to a lot of people, she's in all the Honors classes, things like that. Everything changes when "bad boy" Taylor Reynolds decides to turn his attention to Makenna. Problem is, Makenna would never break… Read More
C.A.R.E. is an elite academy raising some of the most prominent members of society. Unfortunately for Mike, someone is after him. With few clues and friends and school work to manage, can Mike maintain a fighting edge against an unknown enemy? Read More
A story about the personal conflicts of a child with a genius mind and the difficulties to adapt to social groups. Read More

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