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This writing about how to be a gentleman. Read More
It shall begin, Lucian's quest for a relic within a location of myth of legend, a location known as Winkle Mountain. Lucian is in search of the relic to end to reign of chaos from the evil gentlemen but little is known of his name and history. Will Lucian's quest… Read More
I've finally been able to write a bit during work, here is the "Third Chapter" of the Miss and Sir series . Possible Sir Deaf and Miss Siren in the works, as of yet, no Sir or Miss to be announced as of yet. Read More
It was all too perfect. He was too perfect, and therein lies the problem. Read More
Two men have a lovely conversation over a cup of tea. At the same time, events happen, seemingly at random. A one shot written for the Tallenge literature contest. Read More
I used to love how years ago, men would tip their hats to ladies in the street, how they'd hold a door open for a lady and let them through first, how they would walk a lady home on a dark and cold night to make sure that they got… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This are a couple short poems I made about being/falling in love. :) Just a bunch of love poems boxed together... in one post. Read More
With the loss of her Grandmother, Mae Elizabeth tries to deal with her present while trying to cling to the past. Her former love comes once again into her life, making her remember the love, joy and pain of that wonderful summer that ended with a heartbreak. Read More
Join Lucy, an eighteen year old werewolf on an adventure of a lifetime, her mate, Jack and her find themselves choosing between living with there pack or protecting their baby girl, WHICH WILL THEY CHOOSE??? ONLY FATE ( or reading) CAN TELL. Read More
Nalia is a woman who lives in solitary, in her apartment. However, that does not seem to bother her at all. As she smells the pansies and enjoys the wind blowing across her face. She feels a sudden sensation of happiness, but one handsome gentleman catches her attention and she… Read More

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May 22, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

It just is. Read More
'Our First Kiss' is a short but sweet story of my first kiss with my first boyfriend at the young age of 13. Read More
Privacy is a hugely abused entity, at least in my case. Sometimes I even wonder if I ever had any............... Read More

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March 28, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Gentleman Read More

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Those staff members that spent some time abroad want to prove that they were changed, change seems to be the keyword here whether it was their accent, dress code or mannerisms. People may change with time and living in other cultures would influence this change to some extent. But if… Read More
Ahh Victorian oppression. A super-short story about a woman's place all those many years ago. Let's be thankful it's not like this anymore. Read More
Please comment. Want a quick read? Read it! Not for those vocabularily challenged. It was just an excersize for a writing class i'm taking. Read More
Another short caveman story. I'm not entirely satisfied with it but I'm finding it hardto stay focused. It should be interesting no that "the games" have begun. I've distracted myself with the pictures and learning that stuff . So the story goes on Read More
Note: this is a very rough copy of a story I am working on. That being said, the book as a whole will tell the story of Ville and Mina. This chapter in particular is the chapter in which they meet at a club. I appreciate any and all comments.… Read More
This poem is written as a compliment to Knute Skinner's poem from the Stoney Thursday Book about Frawley's Bar in Lahinch, Ireland. The bar is tiny and hasn't been touched in 70 years. Tom is a quiet man, an absolute gentleman and serves possibly the best Guinness in the world.… Read More
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