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Summary: Oliver Obsidian was a curious rock who asked a lot of questions. In this book we follow the story of Oliver Obsidian as learns from his father about the igneous rock Obsidian and how they came to be. Authors Note: This book is intended to educate children about Obsidian… Read More

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I used this poem as the introduction to my upcoming Novel Heroes of Old: Mordan's Tale, which is soon to be published. Read More
Penny Pumice Summary: Penny Pumice was a happy fourth grade Igneous Rock called Pumice who lived in Pumice Flats. She lived a happy, simple life. One day Penny went to school and discovered that there was more to the world than just Pumice Flats. This excited her. She could not… Read More
A geologist finds something unexpected while exploring the badlands. Read More

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Trying to answer a very strange question. Read More
Most people living in the Southwest don't think it could ever happen. But the truth is, Arizona may be just a few years away from running out of water! This is the story of how we might get there and what we could do about it. Read More
Created a newspaper article 10,000 years into the future. On planet Mars, while scientist were trying to transport all plant life to Mars a population of giraffes have crash landed and have adapted to their environment over time. Article shows how they adapted and the challenges they may face. Read More
This article deals with the initial stages of sediments being eroded, transported and deposited. It tells us how the sediments are formed and get converted into sedimentary rocks through various diagenetic processes. Read More

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April 18, 2012

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This poem is about how to polish things and perfect them. Read More
Another steriotypical rant poem on the media. NOTE: The word Abracadabra is thought to have its origin in the Aramaic language, in which ibra (????) means "I have created" and k'dibra (?????) which means "through my speech", providing a translation of abracadabra as "created as I say." "Abracadabra - Wikipedia,… Read More

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a write-up on global warming, its reasons and remedies... Read More
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