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There are these two very odd instances in history that have bewildered me to a broader question about us humans. With both of these examples of human nature in extreme opposite ends of human values, I have been pondering to find meaning about us, the people. The question being: Are… Read More
Dr. Karl-Heinz Schwab or Dr. Karl Heinz Schwab or Dr. Karlheinz Schwab or Dr. K.H. Schwab aka "Johnny Guitar" aka "Ekkehard Jung" aka "Ralf Bendix", Bayerischer Verdienstorden (Bavarian Order of Merit) (born 16 Aug 1924 in Dortmund, Germany - died 1 Sept 2014 in Stansstad-Fürigen, Switzerland). was a German Schlager… Read More
When a befuddled bureaucrat inadvertently flung open the gates of the Berlin Wall Read More

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June 13, 2020

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A high-strung stepmom is determined not to waste food amidst German garbage regulations Read More

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Nazi Germany's hunger for lebensraum and how that hunger led to its downfall Read More
The following is an article "Three Fantastic Cities in Germany to Visit" by Marc Primo. While there are plenty of beautiful destinations across this European country, over in the north sits three marvelous cities that tell stories rich in history. Its charming cobbled roads and fantastic outdoors are to die… Read More

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Can a backwoods artist inexperienced in the big world outside of West Virginia survive traveling abroad alone for the first time? What can traveling alone teach an already lonesome widower? What trials and lessons await in Bavaria and Austria? Just who is Mark talking to out in the woodshed by… Read More
In an alternative world, Germany wins the First World War. Read More
lavendel is an albino squirrel who doesn't quite fit in with the others because of his fur colour; he is considered rare and he is usually hunted. later, lavendel meets a boy, rudi, who temporarily cares for him and has evidently gone through a similar experience as lavendel at school.… Read More
Jilted 5 years earlier by a woman he met in Hawaii, Tomson Alcindor has just left Las Vegas and is traveling on the Amtrak San Joaquin northbound back home to Piercy California when he dreams about her... again. Obsessed, he decides to write a story about her, not knowing that… Read More

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I've decided to re-issue my novel, Wanderlust. This is the near-final version which will eventually be published. Be advised that it may not be completed hear once I am readyh to publish it. Just before that happens, I will remove it once more, but you can then find it on… Read More
Still making some improvements but want some reviews from people basically. Read More
Biography Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann aka Fritz Haarmann Read More
A French marching band is forced to work for the Germans after the invasion of their town, causing a rift between the band's members. Read More

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November 11, 2017

it is about a 35 year old man his children, his divorce and how it all happened through flashbacks. Read More
Germany 1933: When Peter returns home from being out in the sunny day, he sees flames dancing oh his childhood home. His father, mother and little sister are gone from the home. Peter sees tall men in grey military jackets. He soon realizes that things are not as they… Read More
Ethan urges the City Council to require Hansbay High teachers to work menial jobs over summer break, Ryan attempts to escape from Germany while Ashton works to secure investment in his brothel, and Jacob is dismayed by Shinebox employees hitting on his wife. Read More
On the issues of globalization :) Once in my usual Saturday sauna the discussion happened, initiated by our friend, a First Nations guy. “You are boasting about your Canadian life, but all of you are immigrants, even those whose great-grandfathers were born here. Only I'm a real Canadian!” “Wrong!” I… Read More

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I'm not really sure what inspired me to write this to be honest. I played soccer for my high school team both in ninth grade and when I was a senior. I also watched a bunch of soccer videos on Youtube to get a bit more inspiration. I decided to… Read More

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Kai is traveling in Germany when she discovers a family of Hunters. Miara immediately organizes the Tokyo Lupa to deal with it--one of the Hunters is only a teenager. Can he be saved? Just a note, I haven't finished posting all the chapters yet, but hopefully I'll have the time… Read More
"She was beautiful, the most beautiful of the nobles of Swabia and maybe the whole Germany, yet her face was pensive and saddened. Long eyelashes quivered in the breeze late summer, and her swollen ruby lips whispered sweet words to the Black Forest. A man's voice caught her from her… Read More
A young man--a Santa, actually--enters a home in Germany and learns the meaning of Christmas. Read More

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Frieda Lockner has a secret: she hears echoes of the dead. Caught in the tension between her personal misgivings and this psychic ability, she seeks redemption by using her 'gift' to help Kriminalkommissar Tobias Schluter solve the most brutal crimes. But with a serial killer known as The Stick Man… Read More
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