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The thrust of life in every human’s life is the mind, where effectively utilized the mind can let you tap into unseen places and experience greatness. What you feed your mind is more vital than what you eat daily. You can eat the most nutritious food, but with a starved… Read More
Success is not a coincidence unless one was born into a wealthy family. For many other people, success is a well-thought-out process undertaken in a state of consciousness, which requires creativity, commitment and consistency. In a simple and practical approach, this book contains various definitions because success carries different meanings… Read More
This book contains motivational quotes for those who yearn for empowerment. It is a well of wisdom for a reader with a quest for inspiration. It offers practical guidance on how to stay put in various aspects of life, such as praying, planning, and trusting the process. Readers can essentially… Read More
The powerhouse of life in every human’s life is the mind where effectively utilized the mind can let you travel to unseen places and experience significant greatness. What you feed your mind is more imperative than what you eat daily. A healthy mind leads to the healthiest life. Yet, you… Read More
You have been endowed with the most amazing gift in the world – Life. You may not be where you want to be as yet, but thanksgiving is essential nevertheless. It allows you to acknowledge every milestone. Thanksgiving keeps you determined to look back and appreciate how far you have… Read More
Whenever you hear about icons who made an immense contribution to the world, you can tell they lived a life of purpose. Wherever there is a purpose-driven life, there is the ability to make an impact. There is a great deal of wisdom and worth that stems from a person… Read More
Whether you are up the mountain or down the valley, on each step of this magnificence journey called life, it is significant to derive life lessons. This collection of essential life lessons does not only motivate one towards greatness; it also empowers the reader to evaluate their lives and apply… Read More
This book is dedicated to infusing revitalizing energy into the faith of the reader. It touches the very core of a relationship with God and how one can access open doors by faith. The book was conceptualized after a deep reflection on the state of faith of the present generation.… Read More
If there is a book dedicated to changing the mindset and thought pattern of today’s men and women, it is this precious gem. Dr Gift Gugu Mona strongly believes that the human mind is the battleground where people’s lives are either torn down or completely transformed. This book, the Extensive… Read More
Where there is forgiveness, there is fruitfulness. Not only does forgiveness absolve the person who forgives from the chains of unforgiveness, it also enhances peace and joy. Dr Gift Gugu Mona captures the essence of the above statements in this book. She demonstrates that forgiveness is more favourable to the… Read More
This motivational masterpiece was skillfully crafted to inspire anyone looking for a way to unleash the warrior within them. In the twelve chapters, aptly named “agreements,” This book infused with words of power and strength that are carefully directed towards the different scenarios we experience in life. The writer, Dr… Read More
Dr Gift Gugu Mona, through the book “The Effective Leadership Prototype For a Modern Day Leader”, moulds the minds of modern-day and future leaders through daily quotations targeting different aspects of leadership. She refuses to endorse mediocrity and challenges the average leader to aspire to be an agent of transformation… Read More
This Devotional contains 365 power-filled quotes to unleash the power vested upon a Woman of Virtue. It provides a unique and simplified illustration of an amazing woman who opts to be part of the solution. These quotes are written for a purpose driven visionary who walks in victory. They are… Read More

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