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How could someone so innocent, become what you have? How could someone so confident, give up like you have? How could someone so kind, leave me her like you have? Before you continue......find the part of you that you have lost. Read More

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Its June's 16th birthday and her parents tell her they are moving across the country, from LA to NY. Too bad she is moving at that moment. She leaves her friends and family behind because her parents think this will be good for her. She goes to this "better school"… Read More
Basically this story is stupid. haha. i wrote it a couple of years ago and it is insane and ridiculous. worth hanging in there for the ending though. laughed so hard when finishing this story during study lesson. totally scraped last chapter to go with the new ending. enjoy, and… Read More
Leslie is a Senior Editor at a popular fashion magazine. She is burnt out on her job and wants something exciting to happen to her. On her way out of work she meets Derek a resaurant owner with whom she has an immediate attraction to. Leslie just got over a… Read More
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