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emmett colens is the coolest kid at mckinley, dating head cheerleader, quinn. he has everything, including a secret friend who is in glee club. emmett joins the glee club, which causes trouble between him and his girlfriend. Read More
Glee the Next Generation, Blaine and Kurt have two children Jonah and Lilly, Rachel and Jessie have a daughter named Caitlyn, Mercedes has a daughter named Jordan, Will and Emma have many kids but only one of them is apart of this years New Directions and thats Marcus, Artie and… Read More

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This is not really a novel but more so a script. I came up with the idea to write this three years ago. I have often wondered what if Glee had ever performed or based an episode on the musical the Wizard of OZ. This Is set sometime in season… Read More
I just wrote a song (well my inspiration was) Becca Tobin & it's called: #WalkingOnTheAir Read More
Blaine is Kurt's secret admirer. Blaine surprises Kurt at McKinley. Lots of fluff. ((Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING)) Read More
Blaine is Kurt's secret admirer. Blaine surprises Kurt at McKinley. Lots of fluff. ((Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING)) Read More

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"Christmas time, misery toll and whine." Read More

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As you recall the unforgettable moments spent with the beloved person who is dearest to your heart yet the golden times shelled out with him/her when remembered,unconditionally persuades tears through your eyes! Read More
Key'ae Drelk is a young nautolan Jedi Consular just beginning her journey abroad to Coruscant. She has a peppy and upbeat attitude, that attracts people of all sorts to her side, but also annoys and repels some. Some call her the ideal poster child due to her extremely happy, and… Read More
short poem about something we all think about.. Read More
Do you LIE? Do you TRY? Before you DIE? Read More
This story is about Sophie, a teenager with school problems, alcoholism, bully and much more. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 23, 2012

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I know, I know –Jesus Christ You will come to this lonely, rotate earth again and again Sometimes as dew, sometimes as rain, may be as cloud The nature together thee- Thy born as a fortunate mother’s grip- The mother of thy, the desire of god –Merry! The Christmas! The… Read More
At their birth, Kadon and his best friend Seth was destined for great things, but when an ancient prophecy starts to come true then they are force to do things they never thought possible. Seth starts to fall in love with the new senior in school, who he should fear,… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 29, 2012

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Render conceived glimmer chord splashed, utmost inflame and outburst, burst into fire of gaiety- Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 15, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Souls are jocund company while triumph of birds twilight on face antecedents shine of love, Read More
Darren Criss met his co-star Chris Colfer while having their taping in Glee. What will happen to these boys as the camera starts rolling? How about in and out of the camera? (I didn't own anyone here. It's a fan fiction about Chris and Darren) Read More
I am always feeling alone. Even if I tell someone they never make it better. I always want to be free but nothings helps me escape. Everything scares me trying new things is tough for me. I use poetry to let out some of it. Read More
Can you tell which one is has the problem? Glee Idea Read More
Originally from stories. A Glee story What will Sky Burr do, when all she worked for goes to waste, when she's forced to start over. How will it all work out? Follow Sky Burr, aka Jessy Burr, as she switches schools and moves from Wisconsin to Ohio and pursues… Read More
Blaine dreaming about Kurt die Read More

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A redo of The Most Important Moments. Includes lots of Finchel, Klaine, Quick and Brittana, with some minor Tike and the other Glee characters. I nearly published this on Fanfiction. net, but it didn't work after all. Oh well! Read More

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September 25, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Inspired by teenage dream the verse… Before you met me I was alright but things were kind of heavy you bought me to life now every February you’ll be my valentine valentine I do not own glee- all rights go to Ryan Murphy and fox. Romance/friendship/ KLAINE-don’t like don’t read.… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 09, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Humming birds, butterflies... Read More
[b]A Glee fan-fiction[/b] Kurt and everyone in the Glee Club is turned upside-down after Blaine transfers to McKinley High after he is kicked out by his dad. Read More
Bryan's not even sure if he wants to leave anymore. [Set in the Glee 'verse.] Read More
** FANFICTION I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OR SONGS USED ** Sam still bitter about what had happened last year with Quinn, is out to try to win her back from Finn. But he is going to need a little help from an unlikely partner. Rachel Berry. Read More
A Glee fnafiction. "My kissing Kurt, while it would have been electrifying and intoxicating and freaking asphyxiating, no doubt, would still have been very stupid. As the first openly gay guy in Kurt’s life, I knew I was the object of his affections. But I also knew that I was… Read More
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