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His muted love eventually proclaimed; but, she was dead by then. The warmth of that kiss passed on to the next generation. Love was spread as public good. Read More

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The CLOG House

A short, true-life, light-hearted look at being ill on holiday in India. Read More
It is a story of three airline passengers travelling from Mumbai to Dabolim (Goa). They were seated in the three seat row. Window seat was occupied by a young lady, next to her was also young lady and the last seat was allotted to young man. All these passengers are… Read More
This is a the story of the world’s most unfortunate event and God’s first major screw up since Justice Beiber. My transcontinental journey has a major fictional element that I was tricked into believing. Read More
A story about three Americans chose to live on the Big Island, Hawaii, all three has one thing in common, they experienced living in India and came out with different persepectives. Read More
I spent an hour at hi-tide shack at palolem beach ,goa,india and penned all that happened around me . Read More
Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll and the Far East. Running from a shady past of petty crime and debauchery and running from himself, Jet Blakk ends up in India on a mission to 'find himself'. Funny how time flies, yesterday he was 18, today 36, tomorrow game over. This a… Read More
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