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The challenge I've created for myself to beat procrastination and melancholy. Read More
Everything is possible. I've checked. Read More
It's an article focusing on what life really means. What our journey should reflect at the end. Question the worth of whatever you do, whatever you earn, and whatever you want to achieve. Be sure to spend some time every day questioning yourself if you are really happy with what… Read More

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One of the secret ingredients of Success Read More
What is your dream job? Read More

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What is your favorite place to return? Read More
The 12th century Persian poet said: “Every being is intended to be on Earth for a certain purpose”. Read More
Stability - a gift or illusion? Read More
Why is it important to write your story and not follow someone else's? Here is my point Read More

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Some thoughts on a news report I heard a couple of days ago. Cover image: pixabay.com. Read More

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Maybe this summers up why I am here for.. Read More

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Poem / Poetry

September 20, 2017

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Where are clouds off to in such a rush? Where can they lead us? Read More
I will rise and lead. I will use my positivism as a weapon and let my hope become my shield against all the negative words of people, all that which tries to push me to the void, and all the cold winds coming to extinguish my spark. I will get… Read More

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Its about real happiness. Read More

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your goal to do Read More

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Tip of motivation to the youths(Citizens) of the world. Read More
An average man finds an old photo of himself and his friend. This is a story of a man looking for his memory. First story! I could have written a bit more but my idea ran out. Looking for some feedbacks. Hope you like it. Read More

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Everyone has a goal that they wish to achieve in life, and this is one that we have been aiming for from the start of time. Read More
When you realize the goal was only a resource to find your own way in life Read More
Scott and his friend Amy have a boring day when some kind of flying object outside crushes into the ground and causes a giant gap in the ground. So Scott and Amy try discover what happens but they fall in.Do you think they will survive or perishe read the full… Read More
this is a short story I wrote in about 10 minutes and I thought id upload it. I may turn it into a proper story and carry on the plot... :) Read More
When we provide facts the best approach I have done is real time experienced. Here is something what I have learned this day in IIPM, Bangalore. Read More

Poem / Sports

September 07, 2014

What would it be like to score the winning goal? Read More
Some insight with my life after the graduation; different paths, different destination. Read More

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