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Here are 6 steps on how to create a goal and have it stick Read More

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One interpretation of Swan Lake. Read More

Featured Review by D Mays

"So creative. And so imaginative. Love your stories! Thank you for writing!" Read More

Your story may have sharp edges that hurt you, but the more you write the wider your perspective will grow and those edges will soften like the horizon. Read More
Greatness can't be achieved with a credit card. It requires time and effort before we can accomplish anything worthwhile. Read More
Just a college essay of mine that I am somewhat proud of. Read More
Just some short free-style about current sentiments. Read More

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In the old days of mankind, the average citizen merely survived. They had no other goals. But we have choices, but not everyone has goals. Read More
This book has actionable information on how to make the most of your imperfections. We live in a world where we are always quick to chastise ourselves for the daily goals we fail to achieve and the many mistakes we make in our daily lives, a world where we want… Read More
New Year 2019 and his spouse, Mrs. New Year 2019, set their goals for the new year. Read More
A man sets his goals for the new year to honor the Lord. Read More

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What do i have to do to stand on the same ground as the ones I admire? Read More
A poem of setting goals and working to achieve them. Read More

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Is my heart as grand as my dreams? Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

October 24, 2017

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Be who you are, not what everyone wants you to be Read More

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how life is, its never black and white. Read More

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A self awareness project for me. A bit by bit of what I think about life and my actions to it. Read More

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Life can be rather difficult and sometimes unfair. That's just life's reality and nothing will ever come easy. It can lead you down a path that is to difficult to see and understand. Read More
A day which changed a man's vision towards life. A day which which gave him a mission. A day which made him realized about true inner satisfaction. Read More
The main message of this book is that YOU ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND AND HELPER. You – the one who has no bounds. You – the one who is a dreamer. You – the one who believes that everything is possible. The methods mentioned below can help you to get… Read More

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You can't see your heel because you're standing on it Read More
If you consider yourself a dreamer then this is for you, just some motivation from the boy Cam Read More

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