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There once lived a princess, whose name was Rain. She lived under the evil rule of a King and Queen who knew nothing valuable of love, except which could be lorded over her for fear, power, and control. On the day that everything changes in a mysterious fire from the… Read More
Occult, witchcraft & dark magick poetry. Copyright The Elusive Mr Dunne.. (All rights reserved) Read More

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We don't worship the sun, but we are grateful for the life that it gives. mY POEM. Read More

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Summary: A boy enters Heaven and God answers a wish of a lifetime. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Vagabond is a story about angels who have been stripped of their angelic qualities in order to learn how to trust and love God. He gives them the ability to choose their own path, and by mastering doctrines, they learn how to fully realize their angelic potential. With 7 Protectors… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

« Jannah » aims to guide you O reader to spiritual revival and spiritual healing in this life and to Paradise (Jannah) in the Hereafter. Read More
I believe that there is a power greater than myself. My poem. Read More

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The universal and eternal discussions continue since the dawn of mankind continues in all societies as to the existence of God, or Creator or as otherwise know depending on the faith group or cultures who hold such values. What transpired before "The Big Bang"? What are the factors that contributed… Read More
Spiritual heart of unconditional love. Read More
God Is Love. Life can Lie Follow the truth that lies above. Opened will be your eyes Read More
We are here to work and serve each other. My poem. Read More
Are you interested in the question: what is death? What really happens at death? Here the answer is given. Read More

Tags: death, god, life, future, bible

Rohan is very said because his girlfriend Anica has left him for another man. He seeks comfort in nature. To his surprise, he meets Dendra, a tree witch. She has the power to help him with his emotional problem. Between the two, a special relationship begins... Read More

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Would you rather have Jury Duty or a root canal? Most would choose a root canal over submitting to the courts. What about submitting to God? Read More
Experience unconditional love by the power of the holy spirit. Read More
I hope you enjoy reading chapter 2 of A SURVIVING FAITH. After we were led by GOD to leave the church we were serving in we realized after trying to plug into another church that we had some UNRAVELING to do first... we had to let go of what was… Read More
Let's not fool ourselves--God is greater than all. My poem. Read More
I think that it is time for all of Abraham descendants to come together for peace. My poem. Read More
This will bless you. Read More

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what would a modern day conversation between God and the devil look like? this question was what made me write this story. i attempted to approach God and the devil as both a person as well as a concept of influence in humanity's everyday life. i tried to show the… Read More

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Are all religions acceptable to God? Are they all just different ways to worship? Read More
Everybody wants to be happy. So why aren't we? Read More
What is the nature of God’s heart? What is the nature of our heart? The nature that envelopes many people’s lives are shown in these areas: Behavior, Feelings, Attitude. Read More
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