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I did not believe in God since my mother died when I was young. Years later, when my daughter died after a car accident and miraculously came back to life again, I was so happy. However, my daughter told me she was in heaven when she was dead. How would… Read More
taken from my book, "With Insanity And Medication For All" Read More
KNOWLEDGE This is the greatest energy that can change a lot of things. The worst state a man can ever find himself in is the state of inadequate knowledge. Knowledge gives you the strength to move on and the confidence to succeed (Proverbs 24:5) Knowledge opens us to wisdom in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I was thumbing through old entries of revelation the Lord had opened my eyes to as I read His word. Eagerly, I had been jotting down on looseleaf since January of this year and realized this could be my Kingdom work. I'm unburying "My Mina" My Talent for my greatest… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When life gives you a full plate, it's hard to sit down for twenty minutes to read a daily devotional alongside the Word of God. Following in the footsteps of the original "My Mina" series (book 1 has been published!), My Mina Blurbs offers 1-3 minute reads to ease your… Read More
The crux of Christianity. Read More

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Let no one think that they are greater than God. My poem. Read More
How Kimya's abuse led to negative behaviors and the prices he paid. Read More
Having the wrong ideas about God can lead to pain and confusion in life. This is a brief treatment of just a few of those bad ideas. Read More

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taken from my book, "With Insanity And Medication For All" Read More
The story of the hole in Heaven’s Skull. Read More
God grants to a married couple the fulfillment of their Christmas wish lists. Read More
Heeding the call, I began to write. Until I wasn't writing anymore, in front of me words carved themselves onto the white virtual space. Transcendence of an ancient life. Read More

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This poem is related to my earlier poem "Blind Faith" Read More
The story of a promise that lasts forever. Too close to home... Read More

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The Spirit Space House

Connecting ancient pagan ritual and understanding to more recent holiday tradition. Read More

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This is a response to an essay with the title "What God Allows." Read More
An accident leads to a serendipitous encounter with a suicidal man. Read More
Lucifer...the perpetual horns of a dilemma. Read More

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This piece is suppose to be in the perspective of God writing a letter to us. Read More

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Kimya's journey from the streets to prison to finding redemption. Read More

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One raised through a world of religious experiences how God is truly used from one follower to another. Read More
A woman is thankful for everything, and she conserves her words when doing so. Read More
I am only a human being. I too, is searching for what is Universal truth. Read More
"Can you understand what I am trying to say? I'm trying to tell you. I love you so much. I'm trying to tell you that Honey, we are one, and nothing will ever part us again. Not death or anything else..." All My Love for Eternity, Frank Read More

Featured Review by Robert Helliger

"A deeply emotional love story about Frank, Nancy. It is extremely moving, and touching." Read More

This is a poem I made today on the reflection of my life as a Christian. Read More

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The The Imaginarium House

This is for American Haiku Challenge on the word: Sceptical. It speaks for itself too. Read More

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